Monday, July 28, 2008

Cute Fruit

OK, so I know a discussion about fruit isn't really anybody's idea of excitement, but I had to post these pictures anyway.  This is a starfruit, and I think it may be the cutest little piece of fruit I have ever seen.  I have never even seen or heard of this fruit before we came to St. Kitts, so I had to pick one off a tree to at least try.  And I have 2 other things to say about this interesting topic.  First of all, I think it is so amazing that we live our lives in our element and our own culture, and if we never travel or see any other part of the world, we will never know of the different people, foods, clothing, traditions, culture, etc. that exist.  

Secondly, I have a question for you, readers of our blog.  Is it just me? Have you ever seen or heard of or eaten a starfruit before?  And if not, I will put my pitch in that I do often to friends and family.  Anyone is welcome to come visit us here in St. Kitts and see another part of the world, and taste this cute fruit.  

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ross School Catamaran Trip

We had an awesome day today, or as Payton would say, we had a "nice great day." We were invited to go on a catamaran cruise with the Ross Private School that Brennan and Payton will attend in the fall. We all had a "nice great" time- riding on the boat, eating, swimming, meeting new friends, and spending time with our not-so-new friends, the Burt's. The kids were in heaven with an "open bar," which in this case consisted of Sprite, Coke, juice, and Ting (the Caribbean soda drink). It was a day to remember!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Damon's 1st birthday celebration!

We've been waiting on some video to publish the next 4 posts, but are having "technical difficulties" and so we will share what we have in pictures. Sorry it's a little bit of old news.

We had a great time celebrating our babies 1st birthday. It was supposed to be simple with a few family friends, but word spread and we had about 30+ people. We served cake and ice cream, and the plethora of children opened Damon's presents for him in about 90 seconds flat. Damon takes after his older brother and after a few bites of cake, he decided that he didn't care for it much. We love our little guy so much and are so happy he is part of our family. He has such a sweet smile and brightens all of our lives every day.

Wedding events part III- the wedding

The wedding on the beach was nice and the weather beautiful. The reception afterward got rained out so we headed to a banquet room, where they served a wonderful dinner of lobster and filet minion. After the rest of the festivities, we went home to relieve the babysitter, and everyone else stayed for a few more hours dancing and partying.

Wedding events part II- Brimstone Hill Dinner

The third night was a dinner at Brimstone Hill, the most famous historical site here on the island. It is a fort built by the British in the 1600's which was later taken over by the French. It was a beautiful location up high on the hilltop at sunset, with steel drum music and native clown dancers.

Wedding events part I- Catamaran cruise

Adrian's boss and good friend who he has worked with for the last 5 years got married here in St. Kitts this last weekend (July 5). They had 4 days of activities with dinner's, breakfast's, snorkeling, golf, manicures, swimming, etc., etc. The second evening was a Catamaran cruise around part of the island. The food was delicious, the sunset was beautiful, and the boat was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lost and found...

Don't worry Adrian! I found your t-shirt that we lost at the beach 3 days ago. I guess the people at church and the grocery store and the hotel just thought we didn't have a clothes dryer.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What exactly was Adrian looking for?

Some of you have been asking/curious/wondering/alarmed about what exactly Adrian might have been looking for in the trash (from previous post).  Well, we had a little cart that was pertinent to my sanity while walking from the parking lot to our villa, while I brought in backpacks, groceries, kids, the baby, etc.  I was pretty bummed after one of the wheels broke, and the closest thing we could find on the island to replace it was a lawn mower wheel.  So... ingenious husband that he is, Adrian spotted an old stroller in the trash and decided to take the wheels home.  And can you believe, it actually worked!  Possibly the funniest thing about this, aside from me hanging out the car taking pictures of him, was the (almost) homeless man who came riding by on a bike and said to him, "You go ahead dhere broder, you take what you need..."

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A tribute to Damon....

The Hinson's were so sad that they could not be here for Damon's 1st birthday.  In usual Lexy style, she made a YouTube video of some of their favorite times with the "bobo."  

Can't wait!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The ultimate dumpster dive...

All I can say is, it really is going a bit too far when you resort to dumpster diving in a third world country.  

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Damon!

   'Cause I'm turning 1 year old today!

Monday, July 7, 2008

BFF part II

A while back Lexy made a YouTube video of some of our more memorable moments.  It turns out she couldn't fit everything in one video, so here is part 2.  

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Surprise! Damon is in the armoire

I'm not convinced Damon's sister didn't have anything to do with this. But when we heard some noises from inside the closed doors of the armoire, Payton opened the door, and there was Damon, as happy as could be, playing with his toys.