Thursday, September 30, 2010

The theatre

Brennan and Payton were in their first "real" play last night. Have you heard of Missoula Children's Theatre? It's a group from Missoula, Montana who travel to all 50 U.S. states and 20 countries every year to work with children from one school for a week and then put on 2 performances of the play they have been working on. Somebody must have pulled some strings because they came for the first time to the Caribbean to work with our children at RUSVM Preparatory School. It was a great experience for the children and they all did a wonderful job. It was so interesting to see some of the quiet kids at the school play a huge role and take it on, singing and dancing, just like a professional (in my non-professional opinion.) Of course Brennan was the best "country folk" and Payton was the best "barnyard critter" in the performance of "Beauty Lou & the Country Beast." :)

Here's what Brennan will look like in 15 years (or less? really?) with a mustache.

Payton must have done something to the boy next to her. This poor little guy was crying pretty much the entire show. So much for fostering self-confidence through theatre.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

5K run fundraiser

The kids want to help raise money for the orphanage here in St. Kitts. The money is needed to fix up their home that was built in 1950 and also to organize activities and birthday celebrations for the children. Adrian is on the committee that is organizing the fundraiser, so of course, we will be there running on Saturday afternoon in some very humid weather. Dave Filhart is the only person here that we were able to rope into running with us, but if you are interested in donating money for the cause, send a message with your email address and we'll give you the address in the States where you can send a check. Don't forget to check out Brennan and Payton's video!