Thursday, June 24, 2010

More of what we did in Mexico

Celebrated a 6th BIRTHDAY!

Spent time with GRANDMA & GRANDPA!

Went to a Spanish-speaking TESTIMONY MEETING! (We don't speak Spanish.)

Went to a drive-thru AFRICAN SAFARI!

Rode the TURIBUS, Mexico City's tourist bus. This website sums up the experience well when they say "Turibus is a panoramic passenger double deck bus that travels through some of Mexico City’s most beautiful areas. This bus offers a fun experience to oversee, from the comfort of your seat, the great city’s racket. The passengers of these peculiar red buses seem confused by the car drivers that zoom by without noticing the landscape, only worried about getting to their destination as fast as possible. Tourists take pictures from their comfortable seats, as if the great city’s daily life were a mere theater play." Exactly!

Visited another ZOO!

Discovered a TRAMPOLINE at our hotel in the historical town of Puebla!

PAINTED a masterpiece in the square in La Libertad!

Visited Cuexcomate, the world's smallest VOLCANO, and went down inside the crater. "Climbing down a spiral staircase into claustrophobic darkness is hardly an everyday experience for a tourist, or indeed for a vulcanologist" is how this website describes it!

Again- Mexico

COLORS everywhere!

The pyramids were amazing! The history behind them is so interesting (and disturbing) and it is amazing to see these huge structures built over 1500 years ago. One of the pyramids that we visited has the largest base size of any in the world, which is 40 acres! Most of that pyramid is not uncovered and so we could just see small parts of the corners showing where it is actually underground. Adrian's parents talked about their visit to these exact pyramids, some 35 years ago, when Adrian was a child and they lived in Mexico for 4 years. She has often told us how the people in Mexico loved Adrian's blond hair and would kiss him and stroke his hair. It was so fun to be there with our (almost) 3-year old son who has the same blond hair, and it is true. The people loved him too. They wanted to hold him and kiss him and stroke his hair that they say feels like silk.

The CATHEDRALS were quite spectacular.