Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toilet paper....

Congratulations to the new General Manager.
In exchange for a 2+ year contract for our lives, they have included many exciting perks with the job, but maybe most exciting of all.... free TOILET PAPER.  


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Damon loves his "Baybay"

For those of you with both male and female children, you know how easily this can happen!  Damon just LOVES this raggedy ol' baby of Payton's and carries it around with him wherever we go.


With being busy, sick, having our computer in Miami getting a new hard drive, and getting ready to leave next week for our month-long vacation to Colorado, we have been away from our blog.  But we have some noteworthy news to share this week- Brennan's experiment for the school science fair won first place in the 1st and 2nd grade category. We were impressed because Brennan thought up everything on his own and carried out most all of it by himself.

His experiment- does a paper airplane fly further with a pointed nose or a flat nose.  And surprisingly, the results showed that out of two identical paper airplanes, the one with a folded, flat nose flies much further than a pointed nose airplane.  Go figure.... 

I think Payton should have won first place also in her age group for her fun and unique experiment.  Her experiment- is Dora the Explorer's head (proportionately) the same size as a real person.  After taking measurements from many different test subjects, her results showed (if you didn't already know) that Dora's head is way too big for her body! The pictures on the bottom of her presentation show our test subjects if they lived in Dora's world.  

As a side note, this awesome tree house is inside the library at school. The inside is hollow so the children can go inside and take the stairs up to the balcony during library time.