Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friends and lobster

It was time for our friends to leave St. Kitts and move on, so we had one more beach Saturday together. The children had a grand time together in the water. The mother's had a grand time visiting. The father's had a grand time snorkeling and lobster hunting.

We threw caution (and the last of the Sharp's money) to the wind and rode the banana boat (except for Becky who is gestating). The people over 3-feet tall thought it was great fun.

We know these are small, but these guys personally hunted and caught these lobster with their own two hands, so we had to keep them.

Dinner is almost ready. I was pretty proud of myself for cooking my first (live) lobster. It was probably just as good as any lobster we've had at the upscale restaurants here (not that we frequent those much anyway.)

On a side note, we will really miss the Sharp's. They are wonderful people and wonderful primary teacher's. Brennan was heartbroken that they were leaving and spent a sad evening hiding under the covers in his bed crying because "Brother Sharp is going home."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We are short 3 mangos because of this little guy who apparently lept from a coconut tree onto our third-floor balcony to steal our ripening mangos. Look close at the picture too- I think he is mocking us with mango all over his lips.

I not only have 3 children who will hardly pick up their own messes, but a rude little monkey as well.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's definitely something that we miss. We don't experience 4 seasons anymore since we live in a tropical, hot, humid environment in the Caribbean. We now only experience 2 seasons throughout the year....

Mango season and not-mango season. And right now we're in our favorite season of the year!