Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Snorkeling at "Shipwreck"

Here we are snorkeling at a local restaurant/bar called "Shipwreck" that is located right on the edge of the water.  The have a nice beach for the kids to play and some good reefs for the adults to play (snorkel) right along the coastline.  

We found sand dollars and other shells to add to our collection.  We saw lots of different fish such as puffer, flounder, flute, angel, french angel, lion, and some others that we don't know the names of.  There were also schools of squid, an eel, and Adrian followed a sting ray.  

This was our first time here, and when we arrived we had to laugh at the sign.  As you can see it shows cities such as Green Bay, Paris, Antigua, New York, Vienna, Mexico City, and Miami.  Then there at the bottom was a sign just for us- Llano, Texas (which is right where we just moved from) with a population of probably 4,000.  


lexy said...

gosh- that looks like sooo much fun! i'm glad to see that you are liking the beach after all! damon is looking so grown up and i love his blonde hair!
are you serious about that llano sign!?!? that is crazy!!

Sunshine said...

Wow. It looks like fun. We can't wait to visit. Darin