Monday, August 10, 2009

Vacation part three

(Mostly) fun times in South Dakota (if you discount the rain on the 4th of July, the rat that shared our cabin, and a 3 a.m.-pneumonia trip to the E.R.)

Mount Rushmore was cold, rainy, foggy, and wet- for 14 of the 16 hours we stayed reserving our spot for the infamous fireworks. They ended up being a bust.

So we took pictures with the miniature "Mount Rushmore" until we could convince the kids that this little statue wasn't what we traveled all this way to see.

We filled out our workbooks and the kids were "sworn in" as Junior Park Rangers.

There were A LOT of people. Rumor has it they wouldn't let anyone else in after 30,000 people.

The skies finally cleared for a few hours, and it was amazing. A crazy day, but worth it.

While in this part of the country, we had some nice picnics outside enjoying nature.

And were able to see the fireworks in Custer, South Dakota.

And saw some "wild" animals.

And went here. This was fun....


callred said...

Oh my! Some fun and some not so fun. Sorry we missed it.

Burt Family said...

Looks like fun despite the rain. I'm sure it was cold though to your thin island blood.

Sunshine said...

Great pics! It's all about the journey, right?? All this will just make the kids remember it more!