Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friends and lobster

It was time for our friends to leave St. Kitts and move on, so we had one more beach Saturday together. The children had a grand time together in the water. The mother's had a grand time visiting. The father's had a grand time snorkeling and lobster hunting.

We threw caution (and the last of the Sharp's money) to the wind and rode the banana boat (except for Becky who is gestating). The people over 3-feet tall thought it was great fun.

We know these are small, but these guys personally hunted and caught these lobster with their own two hands, so we had to keep them.

Dinner is almost ready. I was pretty proud of myself for cooking my first (live) lobster. It was probably just as good as any lobster we've had at the upscale restaurants here (not that we frequent those much anyway.)

On a side note, we will really miss the Sharp's. They are wonderful people and wonderful primary teacher's. Brennan was heartbroken that they were leaving and spent a sad evening hiding under the covers in his bed crying because "Brother Sharp is going home."


Burt Family said...

Oh my heart is breaking for Brennan! One disadvantage to living on the transient island...people are always coming and going. It's hard to say goodbye! Miss you guys!!!
Lobster looks yummy might I add, you did a great job cooking Beth :)

Charms For Charity said...

so sad! The pictures are beautiful!

amyegodfrey said...

I read this post yesterday and it was so sad I immediately closed it. Too much sadness. I hope Brennan's lovely memories of Brother Sharp will bring comfort and a smile in the years to come. I have delighted in looking in on this amazing experience Abby and Jamie have had, via your blog, and the blogs of Abby, Becky, and Janae. Really, it's been a daily thing for me to see if there are any new posts! I will miss seeing my family having their St. Kitts experiences. They have grown so fond of you and your family. Leaving was even more difficult for them because they left wonderful friends. I found great comfort knowing the Allreds were there for Abby and Jamie. That was a very real blessing, and I thank you for everything you did for them. God bless you.

abby said...

ditto what my mom said. :) this was such a fun day- what a way to go out! can't wait to see you all.

callred said...


Anonymous said...

You guys look like you are living a dream. Lobster looks yummy. Hugs to Brennen :)

Thinking about you guys,
Shannon H.

YingxianlovesBenny said...

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Praveen kumar said...


starting with positive.......
Pictures are excellent and beautiful.
I hope time will wipe all the sadness.