Thursday, September 23, 2010

5K run fundraiser

The kids want to help raise money for the orphanage here in St. Kitts. The money is needed to fix up their home that was built in 1950 and also to organize activities and birthday celebrations for the children. Adrian is on the committee that is organizing the fundraiser, so of course, we will be there running on Saturday afternoon in some very humid weather. Dave Filhart is the only person here that we were able to rope into running with us, but if you are interested in donating money for the cause, send a message with your email address and we'll give you the address in the States where you can send a check. Don't forget to check out Brennan and Payton's video!

1 comment:

callred said...

Yes we would be glad to donate some money. What is the address? Good luck running and no walking. :)
I see Payton is getting some teeth.