Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here's our sweet little Damon. He turned 3 in July when we were on vacation in the States (which we will hopefully post some pictures of soon.) He's staying home with me again this year and not attending any pre-school. He's cute and fun and I like him with me all day as my little "companion." Also, the Prep. School he would go to with Brennan and Payton is 8 am-3pm (sometimes later) and that's a lot for a little guy. And, he's still in diapers. I know, that needs to change soon, especially since some mornings he will actually change his own wet diaper, but for now he just isn't interested in the "big boy potty."

He's a silly little guy though with funny things to say. He thinks there are rocks inside his body where he can feel his bones. He loves to take care of his baby doll and carry her around and show her everything. He will ask her questions- "was that fun, Baby?" after they twirl around. He loves "hot like-it milk" (hot Ovaltine.) He wants to feed me his food all day and when I accidentally used the word "diet" in front of him he was adamant that "you will DIE if you diet." I never thought of that before, but in actuality, it FEELS like there is some truth to that statement when you are eating different food than the rest of the family and baking chocolate birthday cakes for people (ahem- Dave).

The other day I had a very interesting conversation with the little guy. I showed him this picture and we talked about it for about 20 minutes, which is a long conversation for a 3-year-old.

It began when he said "now I got all clean." And I asked him if he remembered this day, and he said "yes, it was really really dark in your tummy." He said "Mommy got an owie (c-section) and then I came out like this" (and he jumped in the air.) I said "what were you doing in Mommy's tummy?" and he said "nothing." I said "were you playing? were you sleeping?" and he said "I was just sitting there." I said "did you have a bottle of milk?" and he said "no." I said "did you wear your diaper?" and he said "no I was just naked." I asked him if he could hear us talking and he said "I heard you and Payton but Payton was littler." I asked him if he could see anything when he was in my tummy, and he said "yes, but it was really really dark." He told me how there was yucky stuff all over him, and showed me how it was on his arms and legs and head and face. Then he said again, "but now I'm all clean" as he pointed to the picture.

I've thought a lot about our conversation and what his little words/impressions/remembrances mean. Because of our LDS faith, most of you know what we believe and what he might remember from his previous "place." But I am curious, what do you make of this story?


Becky Filhart said...

awwwwweeee...i love damon. mia asked for him yesterday. it made me sad. she wanted to go over to "damon's house" when we were getting in the car. hopefully we'll be there SOON!!!

i think he's a smart and special little guy...i can't believe everything he said! that is an awesome conversation:)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. I've been away for a while but just sat down and got all caught up on your family. This post about your Damon is beautiful to me. Kids are amazing, aren't they? I've had several of the same kinds of conversations with each of my boys. They seemed to love to talk about the angels and how bright "the place" was before they went into my dark tummy. And the voices and noises they heard while in my dark tummy. My boys are 7 and 9 now so we don't have these conversations anymore. But I loved hearing them when they were littler. It's great that you are journaling it so that you...and Damon will always remember this precious time. Thanks for sharing!
**For some reason my password is not allowing me to sign in. So I'm commenting anonymously.
Angie Yasuda


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
You has grown so much. How are you guys doing?

Your family is just adorable!!!
Shannon H.