Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ring in the new year

December 31, 2010- these guys were setting up the fireworks for the Marriott New Year's Eve party, right behind our house. We knew it would be loud, and the kid's were going to be scared.

But we left them with Shane and Angela, the trusty babysitters, while we went to the party. There was great food and lots of entertainment, but the highlight is always the stilt-walkers who wear parts of the traditional Kittitian carnival costumes.

The fireworks alerted everyone, whether they were asleep or awake, that a new year has begin. As predicted, they were loud and close to our house, actually going off above the house. As predicted, Damon was scared, and wouldn't go outside on the balcony to watch. What we didn't know would happen was that Damon would lock Brennan and the babysitters outside!

What better way to begin 2011 than with a walk on the beach.


lexy said...

cute pics! :) and i loved the one a few days ago of damon looking for santa.... what a cutie! :)

Becky Filhart said...

boo hoo. you guys seem like a world away. i'm sad. you're pics look great and that beach looks a lot better than this freezing weather we've been having!!! MISS YOU!!!!

abby said...

everyone looks so grown-up! payton's hair is so long. it looks like such a fun night. and that picture of you is gorgeous, beth.

Burt Family said...

Sounds like Damon had the most fun on New Years, or for sure the last laugh :) I miss seeing the fireworks over the ocean, such a beautiful sight!!

Shaveti said...

Awwwh You guys have alot going on...(You make me miss the beach) Kids are getting big. Miss you guys!