Monday, March 14, 2011

New Beginnings

We had our annual New Beginnings program a few weeks ago. The theme was "A New Heart" and we all took part in a skit that was centered around the theme. There were 3 of us leaders as surgeons, another leader as the head nurse, seven of the young women as nurses, and one girl was the patient who was in need of "surgery", with the young women values in her heart being repaired or replaced after being damaged by sin.

We had a fun night and the girls thought it was grand to be able to play dress-up. The funniest thing of all was seeing the young women who were dressed in nurse uniforms and scrubs come out for the play in their fancy shoes. Also, these nurse outfits are actual uniforms that the nurses wear here in the hospital. It reminds me of something you would see in the movies from the 1950's. I think I'm going to try one on and take a picture of myself before I have to return the uniforms this week.


Janene said...

Cute idea! That seems so funny that the nurses still wear the dresses seems like EVERYONE wears scrubs. Maybe it's just because we live in a small town with a giant hospital... :)

callred said...

Cute idea.

Anonymous said...

love seeing you guys.....#