Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday boy

We had a full weekend of celebrations for Brennan's 9th birthday. We went to the movie "Rio" on Friday night and then had pool party on Saturday with about 10 boys. Our friend, Shane, came and we believe had as much fun with all the kids as they had with him. (He might even hire out as entertainment for YOUR birthday party!) The party included water guns for all, lots of rafts, hot dogs and everything that goes with them, and strawberry and mango smoothies.

Saturday night we were pampered by our friends, Brandon and Tamsin, who came over and cooked up a special meal for the kids as well as a special meal for adults. Brennan was a little taken back when he was presented with an entire squid that Brandon jokingly told him was the "special birthday meal." Instead, he used the squid for spring rolls and sushi. I didn't have to cook dinner for anyone, so it felt like my birthday!

Last but not least, me and the baby boy.

After our 1 hour of church today. Dave and Becky- you will be so envious to know that they were working on the water lines again- you know what that means!

If you know Brennan you will remember that he is quite picky and actually can't stand cake. So this year we went with the "birthday rice crispy treat."

The time goes by so fast, and we are proud of how Brennan is growing into a righteous young man. He loves sports, the outdoors, electronics, and art, and has many different talents, but the best thing about Brennan is how kind and sensitive he is toward others. He is friends with everyone in the world and tries to make everyone feel a part of things.


Niki Carter said...

Love it! I love the family picture and the one of you and damon! You look great! I was thinking about you the other day and missing you even after all of this time. :)

Janene said...

Happy Birthday Brennan! Looks like a fun party! :)

Lisa Strupp said...

Wow! I can't believe he's 9!!! He is such a cute cute kid! Glad to see you're doing well we miss you guys!