Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

The consensus in our household this morning is that we are most thankful for our upcoming move in December. Do you know this city?

Here is a hint.

The kids (and us) are sooooooo excited to be moving back to the States- to "DisneyWorld!" The littlest one doesn't yet understand that we won't be actually living AT DisneyWorld, but that Daddy's work will be at DisneyWorld (still with Marriott Vacation Club). As Payton says, "It's gonna be like a whole different world."


Becky Filhart said...

STILL sooooo excited that you guys are finally getting OFF THE ROCK!!!!! Now my motivations for going to Atlanta (to be closer to you guys) instead of Chicago for rotations just increased about a billion percent!
Happy Thanksgiving:)

abby said...

whoa!! talk about different places! I am so so excited for you.

Burt Family said...

WOOHOO!!! Maybe now I can talk Chad into letting us go to Florida when we need to escape the cold, rain on the northwest :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you!! Maybe I will get a chance to see you now that you are back in the states.


Anne-Marie said...


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