Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Now I know" and other noteworthy news

Now I know why most of my friends have quit blogging- Pinterest. I am a late-comer to Pinterest, but when I found myself with some extra time on my hands (you'll find out why in a bit), I decided to take you up on your invites and see what all the hype is about. And now I can see, it really is a fun tool for organizing all the awesome ideas/pics/recipes/links that are floating around out there on the internet. And, as with many other forms of social media, it is another way to practice your self-restraint! Ha!

So I'm sure you are wondering why I have all this free time to sit down and peruse Pinterest when I have a garage full of boxes of things that I haven't seen in four years, unpacking/arranging my home, cleaning, selling some things, etc. Well, 3 days after moving in I had a little incident with a ladder. Actually, it was me and the ladder together that had a little incident with the tile floor. You don't want to know the details, or very many of the gruesome details of the surgery I will be having in a few hours where I will have a bone graft and multiple screws in my foot and ankle that will be attached to a rod on the outside of my foot. I will continue to sit here with my leg elevated for the next few weeks and use crutches to get around a little bit, and probably continue to ask Adrian/kid's/neighbors/family, and quite possibly, strangers, for help when I absolutely need it.

In other news, Adrian and Payton attended a Daddy-Daughter Dance at the Elementary School on Saturday evening. They enjoyed the dance/crafts/photos and dinner afterward, and Payton thought it was the greatest night ever. She did instruct him that next year he needs to get her a wrist corsage and she will get him a flower for his shirt. Apparently many of the girls were in glittery heels and some with tiaras, and one daddy-daughter was even dropped off in a limo. Pretty fancy. I think Payton looked darling and we did what we could with a mom who could barely make it upstairs to help her pick out an outfit, and with a neighbor who came to the rescue with barrettes/hair bows because we haven't unpacked any of that yet and really have no idea where they are.

As a last message, I am overdue on catching up with a phone call to many of you, so if you want to email me or leave a comment with your phone number, I will probably have some free time in the next few weeks to make some long overdue phone calls.



Niki Carter said...

281-851-2952 Call me:0) I'm sorry to hear about your foot!!

Burt Family said...

I've been waiting over a year for you to slow down long enough to call me :) today, Monday I'm not working..hint, hint! 360-780-0701

Abby said...

So sorry about your foot! =( It's always hard when the Mama is down! At least you were here in the states when it happened though!

P.S. I refused to join pinterest until recently... I didn't want another distraction, but alas I LOVE it now...don't know how I ever made dinner without it!