Monday, June 25, 2012

Things that make you go "ZZZZZZZZ"

The kids and I spent this last week at Cub Scout day camp- Brennan as a Webelos and I was his den leader, and Payton and Damon got to go because I was a volunteer.  Payton was with the other girls, and Damon was in "wee care" with the kids 5 and under.  It was actually a lot of fun and it was great to be able to spend a whole week doing activities with Brennan.  I wouldn't have thought (or dared) to do it until I was called as Cubmaster, but it is something I recommend doing once if you get the chance.  I will say though that we are still recovering from 5 long, hot days. Adrian said he hadn't seen me that tired since after I had Damon almost 5 years ago.

So the camp included a ton of fun and educational activities.  The theme this year was "Scouting Salutes Our Hero's" and we had visits from the coast guard, swat team, sheriffs dept., fire dept., train safety, etc.  Every day we had archery, BB guns, nerf guns, and slingshots, and also played ultimate frisbee, human battleship, volleyball, human foosball, and made and shot off bottle rockets.  We played water dodgeball and had relays, performed a play and a skit, worked with tools to build wooden airplanes and a catapult, earned badges in physical fitness, forestry, and science, and earned belt loops in 8 additional areas.  Phew!!!!!

Brennan and his den leader aka "Mom."

Guess what!  I shot the apple straight through the center!

Damon kept busy during the flag ceremony.  

Brennan shoots off his homemade bottle rocket.