Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Adrian (about) swims with dolphins (and not sharks)

A week or so ago we went out snorkeling with some friends at our favorite spot.  We had been there all afternoon and were about ready to head home, but we were waiting for Adrian to come in from snorkeling (by himself).  Our friend started waving her arms (because she was speechless) and we looked to where she was waving, and saw two very large animals swimming not too far from Adrian snorkeling.  They looked like sharks to us, and we all began screaming at Adrian to come back.  (It's kinda sad to hear a 6-year-old screaming to his daddy because he thinks he's going to be eaten by a shark).  Adrian looked and quickly swam to a dock out in the water until they were gone.  

So since then, there has been much speculation and questioning amongst us and the other people who were there about what we actually saw.  It is funny how we all have a different perspective of the events- how big they were, the color, how they swam, how long they were actually swimming above the surface where we could see them, etc.  We found out that they might have been Tiger Sharks, of which babies have been seen before in the area.  Of course they may have been dolphins, like some of the people sitting at the bar said, but they may have been tourists, and what do they know?

So I decided I wanted (and needed- we snorkel at this location a lot) to know what exactly we saw.  I went back and spoke with the owner of the restaurant/bar who has been there for years, and she said they were definitely dolphins, although they were huge and were a lot closer to shore than normal.  I can now breath a little easier, and Adrian now wishes that he would have known to swim closer and swim with the dolphins!

By the way, these aren't the real photos of that day- I didn't really have my wits about me to start taking pictures.  And identifying what they were was not as easy and clear cut as these pictures look.  


Burt Family said...

Whew! I'm so glad the mystery is solved. I was a little worried about going back there for snorkeling. Now if this dang weather would clear up!!!

Sunshine said...