Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adrian's birthday dinner

We made a big birthday dinner for Adrian and ate outside under the stars.

Ahhhhh.... such romance....

Especially with the 3 rugrats!

The cutest boy under 14 months there!

The only casualties were the chickens that we ate for dinner and the glass top table that we borrowed from the neighbor.... oops!

For Adrian's birthday present, we decided to splurge this year and buy a beautiful new glass top table for the above mentioned neighbor.  


callred said...

Wish we could of joined you too. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Beth and Adrian-
Hope your celebration was nice.
Please call or email when convenient.
Randy 281-455-5069

The Fantastic 5 said...

Glad to see life is going well!

Barlow Ohana said...

Hey Beth!

Cousin Milena here, I always love looking at your have such a nice family! I hope everything is good with you guys there...:0)