Thursday, October 23, 2008

Adios to Paula and Morgan

While we were on vacation, our friends, the Burt's, left to begin a new phase of life in the States.  It is a gradual process- Jordan and Tori left a while back to begin school in the States, and Paula and Morgan left just the other day.  Chad is still here but will be joining them when he is through with veterinary school.  

The day before we flew out, Morgan spent the night and then we had one last snorkeling excursion.  (We had a very interesting snorkeling day actually, seeing many sting rays, and even at one time having one swim along the shoreline, just about 15 feet out from the shore.)  Hasta luego to Paula and Morgan.  St. Kitts just won't be the same!


Burt Family said...

You trying to make me cry some more? These pictures make me want to hug Damon! We miss you guys so much....I think Lexy and I are going to form a support group :)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are incrediable!! I had no idea you guys were in the states :( Hope you guys had a nice visit.
The kiddos are getting so big. Damon is a cutie pie.

Hope all is well.