Monday, December 1, 2008

How many guys CAN you fit in a truck?

I am usually not an advocate of such reckless behavior, but with that said, it makes me laugh to see this every day.  We see many a truckload of guys on their way to the work site when we bring the kids to school in the morning, and we see them all coming back into town at the end of the day when we pick the kids up from school.  These guys ride along every day as if they didn't have a care in the world.  

So this is the real question- how many guys CAN you actually fit into one vehicle?  


dragonb said...

Actually, you are missing quite a few other good questions...

1. Why does the Captain have to sit in the very back?

2. What kind of truck is a CH VOLLET?

3. Why only 3 in the cab? A regular cab should sit at least 4?

Love the pictures, keep it up!

cousin Brian

Burt Family said...

This taxi system works great for them, until they get in a wreck and all have to jump out!

Kristin said...

Great picture! I think Chris's little car held at least that many on several occasions at BYU... Remember the time you rode in the trunk and were certain you would be "castrated"!! Bwahaaa! I have been thinking about you today... Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one and that chocolate and ice cream were included. :)