Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not your everyday occurrence part III

A rooster flew into our car on Thanksgiving day.  He passed on, poor fellow.  He quite possibly was attempting an Evel Knievel stunt by flying across the road, but he only made it a few feet, and not very high off the ground, might I add, before we came along in our rather large SUV going 45 MPH. 

I suppose it wasn't a bad way to go, if you're a rooster of course.  And the local people standing around were very happy to bring the rooster home for dinner.  I already had ham and turkey in the oven, so I was happy to share.  He probably made somebody a decent meal.  

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1 comment:

lexy said...

How was your BIRTHDAY???

I hope you had a great day!!
I missed hanging out with you for the big day..... (Thank goodness for Skype!) Think of all the appetizers, great food, and desserts I missed out on! :( I didn't even get a Starbucks Hot Chocolate...
Where is all the fun???

Oh ya...... in the Caribbean!!