Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Brennan

Friday was Brennan's 7th birthday, and we spent much of the day at the swimming pool.  In the evening we had 3 friends over for pizza and a few hours of play.  

While the kids waited for the pizza, they decided to jump around on the top bunk of the bed. 

Damon sat on the floor watching all the big kids.  

Brennan got a remote controlled truck with flashing red and blue lights, so we went outside to test it.  It was a hit with all the kids running around chasing the truck (Adrian got some interesting pictures with a friend's camera that we were borrowing).


lexy said...

Happy Birthday! The boys are looking forward to seeing you again this summer!

callred said...

Brennan even looks older! Sure looks like a fun time.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Brennen Happy Birthday from us and especially from Max. They all grow up so fast.

We miss talking to you guys and seeing you of course :)


Burt Family said...

I knew it was a birthday coming up soon. Tell Brennan Happy Birthday from us! Looks like he had a fun time with his friends.