Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sailing school and Spring Break

We are on Spring Break for two weeks.  For his birthday, Brennan got a week of half-day sailing school.  Adrian went with him the first day and clicked away on the camera the whole 3 hours.  

The 4 children in the class were listening so intently when all of the sudden....

a monkey jumped on top of Brennan's head!

And then jumped over to another unsuspecting girl's head.  

Don't be fooled by the smiling face.  When we collected Brennan after the first day, he broke down about how awful sailing school is and it is too scary and he doesn't want to go back.  

Here he sat, stewing over the traumatic experience we had just put him through.  Damon tried to be of some comfort, as you can see from the concerned look he has on his face for his fellow man.  

In the end, we convinced Brennan to give it one more shot.  He reluctantly went back the second day, and the teacher changed his sailing partner from his 7-year-old friend to a 9-year-old girl who has been sailing for years, and after day 2, he LOVES it and wants to take everyone we know out sailing, including all of our visitors that we are patiently waiting to come see us.  


Katie said...

that is so insane! I guess there are opportunities you have living on an island you don't have other places... sailing school (totally awesome) monkeys coming out of nowhere and jumping on your head!(sooo funny)

lexy said...

Very cool! Good Job Brennan!

Janene said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday Brennan! What a fun gift. That's hilarious about the monkey!

Burt Family said...

Way to go Brennan! Looks like you will have to take me sailing one day :) Also, good job being brave with the monkey jumping on your head, I think I would have freaked!!!!

Heidi said...

So cute. Like the story book feel. I came across your web page when looking for postings of my sailing school. This is so nice.