Sunday, April 11, 2010

A big week

We have lots going on this week. Brennan's 8th birthday is on Saturday, April 17th. We are preparing for his baptism on Saturday, his birthday party on Friday, and visitors who are flying all the way from Arizona and Colorado to be here for his special weekend. When I say "we" are preparing, I mean "me," Adrian is in Orlando this week at a conference and hopefully not frequenting Disney World without us on his free day. He will fly home (please don't let the plane be delayed) within the hour right before the birthday party.

Speaking of the party, if you are reading this, consider yourself invited. Doesn't it look fun?


Burt Family said...

Oh man how I wish I could bring the kids to help Brennan celebrate his big day! Looks like it will be lots of fun and SUPER busy.
Where is Brennan going to be baptized? Beach or font?

lexy said...

That looks so fun! Maybe Adrian has figured out some cool moves on the trampoline.... he can be the entertainment! Hahaha!! Do you have some of those pictures to post!? ;)
Happy Birthday Brennan!!! Ty and Kody REALLY wish they could be there for the baptism!

Becky Filhart said...

You Allred's sure know how to party!!! Glad I am one of the beneficiaries:)

semprelibri said...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brennen.
Hope all is well.

The Hill Family