Sunday, April 25, 2010

Continuing Brennan's birthday fun

We promised Brennan a year ago when the zip-line opened that we would take him IF he could reach the 60 lb. requirement by his 8th birthday. It was pretty tense at weigh-in time, but he came in at 62 lbs. It was rainy and wet but we still had a great time. There are 5 different lines that take you over and through the rainforest, with the fastest one going 40 mph. The longest one is 1350 feet long, 250 feet above the ground. Great fun!

Before we started the zip-line, we had to hold and take pictures of the 3-week-old monkey.

So much fun to have Uncle Darin and Aunt Lori here for a few days that flew by much too quickly.

Not really sure why we have a picture of Brennan posing with a machete. I'm not sure what they use the machete for either.

A great time! Brennan wasn't scared at all and loved every minute of it.


Carman said...

That looks like a BLAST!!!! He's so cute and you can tell he was having fun!! What a cute little baby monkey too!!!

Janene said...

What a great way to celebrate turning 8~~Congratulations to Brennan! You are a great party thrower Beth. By the way, we do think that you're living the life of luxury and vacationing all the time! ;) Hopefully we can join you sometime.