Saturday, February 12, 2011

The "Graceful Savage"

Over the holiday we happened to spot the elusive and infamous "Voo-Doo Man" over in our neighborhood. It was unusual to see him out and about and away from his "home." Since he was not at home, my friend Angela and I decided to go by and take pictures because we really do want a picture of where he lives.

We're not sure which name he actually refers to himself as- "Voo-Doo Man" as it says on one sign, or "The Graceful Savage" as another reads. I really don't know if he's as scary as he looks either, but the rumors and stories are out there, and most people say they are scared to take his picture because he will cast a spell on you. Hmmmmm. This is one interesting character though, and when it comes to fitness, he is one bad dude. Can you see the concrete molds made out of 5-gallon buckets that he uses for weightlifting on the side of the road ?

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Becky Filhart said...

YOU FOLLOWED HIM HOME??? I can't believe you two. I am glad you got some shots of him because in all of our time there, I never did see him out and about. I am really missing out on some adventures:( boo hoo. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!

p.s. those cement weights are nothing compared to what we used to do for our workouts.