Friday, February 18, 2011

Something new

We see some very interesting things from our back patio, including monkeys, kite-surfers, horses, weddings, pelicans, and we even had a front-row seat for hurricane Earl last September. But this last week we had something new to see- a few times a day there have been skydivers floating by our window and onto the Marriott beach about 50 yards away. It's been fun to watch, and the kids have something new to get excited about. When they hear an airplane overhead or see the flag out in the sand, they come screaming because they know the skydivers will be coming soon.


Kristin said...

I had fun catching up on your blog! Looks like you are still having many fun adventures. Maybe you should try the skydiving and the kids could watch you land! I just sent you an e-mail about how we learned that Adrian's cousin is our realtor and her husband works with Craig.. So crazy!

callred said...

Looks exciting - to watch that is. Love Damon's sun glasses.:)