Wednesday, June 29, 2011

(Another) end of an era

The little guy ventured out into the world today. He was invited to attend a few days a week of summer camp at Ross Prep. School with Brennan and Payton. He was so excited. He went to bed early, woke up early- excited and yelling and jumping on the bed, he got himself dressed, ate breakfast, and got his backpack on. I stayed with him for the beginning of orientation, and when that was over he just marched off with the rest of his camp-mates, without even a backward glance to see if I would be OK without him.

I remember when I sent Brennan to pre-school for a few hours a day. I was happy to have him go a few days a week and give me a break from traumatizing the new baby. Then it was Payton's turn. With her, too, I was fine to send her off for a break from traumatizing me and the new baby. And you know Payton, she thought she was ready for Jr. High School at that point anyway.

So now, all three will be at summer camp most days for the next few weeks until we leave for our Colorado (plus a few other stops) vacation. I've tried to tell Damon that he should go to camp only one day a week and spend the other days with me, but I have a feeling he will want to go everyday with the other kids. Yes, it is definitely an end of an era for this mother.


Lexy said...

Awww!!! Damon is growing up so fast... :)
How fun for him! He looks very happy!

Becky Filhart said...

Who woulda-thought this day would come so early? Guess you'll have a hard time filling all that extra time now. NOT!!!! Haha...just sad I'm not there to find ways to fill it with you!!! :)

Burt Family said...

Oh man he's growing up! I can't believe he's old enough to venture out in the world without you :(
On the other note...I didn't get a call to say when Forks, WA was scheduled into your Colorado (and other spots) vacation. :)