Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What we've been up to- Damon's edition

As always, we've had lots going on and I haven't shared any pictures, so here are a few highlights of the little guy. Damon celebrated his 4th birthday on Sunday. He is still very blond and is still a sweetheart. He was adamant that he would have blue frosting which he picked out months ago at the store.

As you recall from the previous post, Damon goes to summer camp at Ross Prep. School a few days a week. He is not used to such a vigorous schedule of fun and games, and he comes home pooped every time!

We stopped for a picture with a donkey on a little outing one day, but Damon didn't want to get too close.

The kids and I went on a catamaran trip on the last day of school. This was Damon's first catamaran that he might remember (his other cat. trip was in Aruba when he was about 16 months old). This is Brennan's friend, Caldrin, who loves to come to our house and help take care of Damon.

I wish this picture was in focus. Our good camera is not working right now so we've gone back to the ol' backup, and I quickly realized how much I've grown accustomed to the nice camera that Adrian bought me a few years back, insisting that "I will love it." As you can see, all the older kids love to play with Damon and he was the life of the party. The open bar (soda, juice, etc.) probably didn't help everyone's excitement levels.

This is another one of Brennan's friends, Mandella, teaching Damon how to "ride the waves." Brennan is a kind big brother to share all his friends with Damon.

Another one of Damon's pastimes- making "forts." He found out that the luggage I'm trying to pack in for our vacation in 3 days is a great pre-made hideout.

Damon is having more fun than Payton with the barbie dolls and swimming resort that she got for her birthday a while back. I do hope it has no bearing on how he will be in the future, but I must tell you about Damon's obsession with beautiful girls (although I have to say that I am his most favorite beautiful girl). He even brought me an ad from an airline magazine recently that had 2 women in short shirts sitting on Harley Davidson motorcycles, and he said he really likes those girls and their tummy's showing. Hmmmmm...


Paula said...

Do you ever slow down? Looks like Damon is having a blast with his family :)

Lexy said...

Love this post!! Miss my little Damie... He probably forgot me... but can't wait to see you/them soon!! :)