Saturday, November 8, 2008


So the little guy probably does need to get his first haircut.  It's not bad, just a little long over his ears, and there are some little locks behind his ears on both sides of his head that appear to be much longer than the rest.  So what seems to be the hold up, you may be asking yourself?

Well, this is our last baby.  The days and weeks and months have passed so quickly, and I have heard others mistakenly refer to him as a "little boy."  What!?!?  This is not a little boy, this is my baby you're talking about!  He's growing up way too fast as it is, and I love the little wisps of blond baby hair that have never seen a pair of scissors.  The first time they do, it will be another milestone checked off in the almost-full list of "firsts" in the baby book.  

So for now, I will not cut his hair.  He will keep those uneven little locks of baby hair.  He will stay my baby a little longer.  So, indulge me in this for a little longer, but please, I trust you to be friend enough to tell me if you notice me taking this "baby" bit a little too far, and I haven't potty trained him by the age of 5!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful hair. I have a friend who just cut her sons hair for the first time (it is very curly of course)and he is turning 3. I cannot get over how big he has gotten. He is so handsome!!! Cherish every moment you can. All of your children are beautiful :)
Hope all is well.
Shannon H.

lexy said...

Lucky for you... Damon is such a stud that he can "pull off" those long locks.
The little beach bum... =)whinstes

lexy said...

HAHAHA!!!! whinstes..??
that's that code they make me type in.... I'm having serious Lexyism problems today.
I'm going to bed!

callred said...

Precious. We miss his hugs.

Sunshine said...

i say he's adorable let him stay a baby forever!!