Tuesday, November 4, 2008


They don't celebrate Halloween here in St. Kitts, but the American school that the kids go to had trick-or-treating and other festivities for all of us Americans on the island.

The kids asked to be "Pollen Jocks" from "The Bee Movie," so of course I obliged and spent 2 days making costumes.  After all, what else do I need to do except sit around on the beach? J/K- some of you think this is true.  

Damon didn't know why he was wearing this outfit or what we were walking around doing.  In his innocence, he had no idea what the candy was in his bag, but he thought it was great fun to walk around knocking on peoples doors and waving when they answered.  As you can see in the following pic, he was the only one who didn't
mind if there was no one home.


Burt Family said...

Cute costumes. I wondered what Brennan was when I saw a picture from Debbie, now I get it.
P.S. I KNOW all you have to do is sit on the beach all day...don't try to trick the rest of the world...LOL

Janene said...

Cute costumes! I'm surprised that you even got to go door to door! Was that at the Hotel?