Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beth's top 10

So I've compiled a top ten list of my favorite things about our car.  They demonstrate why I would NEVER secretly be looking for a new car to buy, or secretly be trying to sell ours.  To preface, I must say that this wasn't our first, or second, or third (you get the idea) choice in transportation, but the options here on a small island are limited, especially when you want something that will fit a carseat and 2 booster seats.  So here it is folks, the top ten reasons why it is such a joy and honor to be the proud owner of this 1993 Mitsubishi Pajero.  

10)  If the electricity at home happens to be out and we can't finish the laundry, there are lots of bars along the front of the car where we can hang our clothes to dry.  

9)  There are lots of secret little compartments where we can hide our valuables.     

8)  We are on track for a record of the most things that can break down, fall off, fall apart, and go wrong on one vehicle during a 12-month time period.  

7)  If the keys get locked inside the car, the window without a latch is the perfect size for a child to climb in and open the door.  (See demonstration below).  

6)  We can "disguise" ourselves as one of the American veterinary, nursing, or medical students, (I know this is a generalization here, friends) thereby never giving a criminal the idea that we had any money, and we would never get robbed!

5)  There is no need for a visit to the sauna.  When the electrical systems are out and the windows won't go down and the AC won't turn on, we can get our sauna "experience" while driving.  Now that is an efficient use of time, I say.  

4)  Pulling up on the very sticky emergency brake is a great triceps workout.

3)  It has a nice, out-doorsy smell that still lingers from the bug bomb that we set off to kill the ants and lizard that were the previous inhabitants of the car.  

2)  I would never have had the opportunity to meet such interesting and helpful people here if I wasn't stranded and needed help from a stranger. 

1)  The opportunity everyday to practice a lesson in humility, and learning that we should never feel better than others or not as good as another because of how much money we have or what kind of car we drive.


lexy said...

This was awesome!!! I love the Pajero!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

Burt Family said...

OK, I'm laughing so hard it's difficult to stay in my chair. You love that car and you know it! Just imagine the places you wouldn't go if you were in one of those nice manager looking cars. Please tell me you didn't lock the keys in the car again though!

Carter Family said...

You are so funny! Reading this post made me miss you!

The Benjamins said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Just when I thought I've seen everything ....You go and do something like this! Oh yes have done it!

Janene said...

That was great Beth! How funny! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!