Saturday, August 2, 2008

Millions of mango's!

OK so maybe not millions, but we have eaten and processed (guesstimating) around 400 mango's in the past 10 weeks. Here we have some of the specialties that we serve here in the Allred home- a mango jam with a hint of tart lemon; a creamy mango smoothie with a tantalizing blend of mango's, passion juice, and cream of coconut; a delicious mango crepe dusted with a perfect mixture of cinnamon and sugar; a wonderfully healthy and good-for-the-brain frozen baby food that can be enjoyed year-round; and of course, a few extra mango's to be eaten alone or given away to friends and neighbors. And for just a 1-day plane trip, you too can come visit us here in St. Kitts, and give our mango specialties a try!


callred said...

Always look forward to your posts and especially the pictures. Sounds like you need some company to taste all that! We are on our way end of August :)


Kristin said...

Everything looks so good! I know you know food is the best bribe to get me to do anything! :) Throw in some "nougs and jelly" and we have a deal. We would love to come see you guys!

Carter Family said...

Yum! Especially the smoothie!!! That sound delicious!