Sunday, January 3, 2010

December 2009

We had such a busy December, so here is a quick overview, pictures to come next. It began with my friend Lexy flying in for my birthday. We spent 8 fun-filled days NOT relaxing at the beach or pool. We managed a quick swim 2 hours before she was to leave for the airport, because what kind of Caribbean vacation is it if you didn't even make one appearance at the swimming pool.

After Lexy left, I had one day of cleaning house and packing before we left for a family vacation in Curacao. We had a great time there, despite how hard it is to travel around the Caribbean (if you've done it you know what I mean.)

We finished off a nice vacation with me getting some sort of food poisoning, which luckily didn't hit in full force until 12 hours after we got home. On the plus side, it was a miserable but easy way to lose the extra pounds gained while eating to your hearts content for the previous week on vacation.

We had a nice and quiet Christmas morning here by ourselves, and then spent the evening having dinner with the Elder and Senior missionaries and another American couple who are students here. We had a repeat of last year's dinner, which the highlight was a 10 lb. prime rib that the executive chef here at the hotel slow-cooked all day for us. It was awesome!

In between all of this we had our branch Christmas party, 2 hotel holiday party's, the hotel New Year's Eve party, the kid's school Christmas program, Payton's informal dance recital and end-of-year party, and a few "high pollution advisory days," no, not from all the cars in St. Kitts, but from the volcano on another island 40 miles away spewing ash.

Now we have 7 more days of play and relaxation before the kids start school again, so we'll see what kinds of activities we can find to keep us busy this week.


callred said...

Wow!! You all were busy! Lots of fun to be had.

Lori said...

Sounds perfect! Enjoy your last 7 days...

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