Monday, January 25, 2010

To the beach

At the beginning of January we went out to the beach with some friends before school began again. We saw some sea turtles and a huge stingray while snorkeling. Damon got his very own snorkeling equipment for Christmas, so we brought it along to try out. The mask was cute, see how it's supposed to make him look like a shark. Well, the child didn't really enjoy wearing it, and it was cheap (in construction) and leaked water. So basically, the "shark" snorkeling gear was bought to snap this one cute picture, because we will probably not use it again.

Our newlywed friends brought their "boat" because they knew how excited our kids would be to try it out. Brennan and Payton spent a long time pumping it up, but it was worth it. They (almost all) had a great time.

I suppose two out of three ain't bad.


lexy said...

Poor Damon! He's probably having flash backs from when we were on the wave runner! (You know............ the time you almost knocked me and him off and rode off into the sunset!?!?!?)

callred said...

Poor baby!

abby said...

love it! he is such a cute boy with the best smile! (except in this case, obviously.) :)

Burt Family said...

Oh Damon! He needs his babysitter to come play in the sand with him :) Jordan would love to come and do that.