Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spice Mill

In December when Lexy was visiting we went out to a cool new restaurant at Cockleshell Beach called Spice Mill. Can't really remember if it was for my birthday or just something fun to do, but it was a great environment with good service and food. So a successful culinary experience in St. Kitts (and how often can you say that here?)

These newly-hatched sea turtles came out of the sand about 12 hours too early, and would never make it out to sea for a chance at survival if the people there didn't collect and keep them safe to release later that night. Aren't the little ones cute? Not sure what species these are, but did you know that adult leatherback's can weigh around 1500 lbs?


callred said...

Damon is TOO cute!

Anonymous said...

It is so amazing the adventures you guys are having.
Hope you all are doing well.
Shannon H.

abby said...

how cool! i bet the kids loved that.

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